Augmented reality for the construction site

Build directly from holographic 2D and 3D models accurate to 3mm on the HoloLens 2*
Advantages over conventional drawings:

Implement continuous quality control

Create digital twins from Revit and IFC models and view them on site in augmented reality with Twinbuild

Discovering conflicts between drawings and as-built conditions during construction can lead to costly changes and rework. By viewing BIM models and existing structures simultaneously in augmented reality, Twinbuild enables construction companies to perform continuous quality checks of formwork during construction to help identify and resolve clashes and conflicts before they are built.


Build faster in immersive 3D

Learn how Twinbuild simplifies task descriptions, reduces cognitive load and improves teamwork in augmented reality

Windover achieved a 50% reduction in production time and over $90,000 in cost savings by substituting printed shop drawings with full scale holographic templates. Holographic templates can be accurate to 3mm*, are simpler and easier to follow than abstract drawings and result in faster construction time with fewer mistakes.

Learn more about Twinbuild advantages with our practical, experienced integration support

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Upgrade manual tasks with digital precision

Twinbuild brings the precision of digital models to manual tasks, with an interface that is simpler than a laser measure

Learn Twinbuild

Companies like UAP are using augmented reality to create and follow sequences of manufacturing instructions, resulting in faster, more reliable and more accurate fabrication by everyone from expert craftsmen to apprentices.


Distribute expertise across teams

Discover how augmented reality improves collaboration and can halve construction time of masonry structures

Maintaining tolerances in curved brick structures can be challenging and require skilled masons to carefully place each and every brick. Allbrick has used Twinbuild with multiple HoloLens 2 headsets to help masons work together in parallel on projects rather than following the lead of a single skilled expert. Parallel construction with Twinbuild saved time, upskilled the team and positioned Allbrick as industry leaders in innovative brick architecture.

See Twinbuild in action:

Augmented reality that just works

Twinbuild automatically optimizes your CAD models for the HoloLens 2 and enables workers to view projects on site without even launching an app.

Get up and running with Twinbuild in 3 steps:
1. Publish to the web

Design your augmented reality experience within Revit or Rhino then publish and host models on the cloud with a Twinbuild account. Twinbuild also supports publishing directly from IFC files and GLTF models.

2. View on the HoloLens 2

View models in augmented reality just by looking at a QR code. You can create QR code links to any published model and attach these codes to drawings, worksites, parts and emails.

3. Locate on site

Use Twinbuild registration codes to align holographic models to physical spaces with up to 3mm of precision*.

*Twinbuild precision is subject to environmental conditions and user behaviour. Follow our guide to evaluate precision in your workspace.

Precision Guide
Explore Twinbuild for:


Masonry Construction

Twinbuild is suited to the construction of walls that curve in plan or section, masonry structures with multiple brick or bond types and non-uniform stacked structures. Twinbuild can be used to construct masonry structures by teams of bricklayers in parallel while maintaining consistent bonds.

Simple, transparent pricing:
Twinbuild Pro

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  • Unlimited placement codes for optimal precision over any scale
  • Create teams with unlimited users and custom permissions
  • Publish directly from Revit and Rhino with drag and drop support for OBJ, FBX, IFC and GLTF models
  • Load models in AR from QR codes for visualisation and small scale fabrication
Twinbuild for Enterprise

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Features and Services:

  • Volume pricing and flexible billing
  • Process integration consulting
  • Custom CAD integrations and more
Publishing usersUnlimitedUnlimited
Viewing usersUnlimitedUnlimited
Invite users to team
Manage user permissions
Unlimited published projects
Cloud model hosting
Revit publisher plugin
Rhino publisher plugin
Mac support
Custom CAD plugins-
Drag and drop publishing from OBJ, FBX, IFC and GLTF models
Maximum placement codesUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum precision work areaUnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited email technical support
Video call support-
Setup, training, design and precision guides
Online documentation
Design and integration services-
Training program development-
Volume pricing-

Discounts are available for educational institutions, not for profit organizations and artists.